Advertising Policy

Our mission at Rock Hard Male is to deliver objective, research-backed information that will help you make better purchasing decisions when it comes to men’s sexual health products. We are dedicated to providing authoritative, accessible, and reliable content that will help you achieve your individual goals.

Rock Hard Male is funded in part by advertising and affiliate referral fee partnerships. Financial backing from our affiliate partners and advertisers enables us to buy new products for testing and to cover operating costs associated with running this website. However, you may be certain that we will never compromise our editorial integrity, and our advertisers and partners in no way influence the content that we create.

The following are our advertising guideline policies:

  • We select which ads will be displayed.
  • Ads are accepted and displayed on solely at our discretion. We reserve the right to reject, revoke or remove any advertisement for any reason at any time. We will notify the advertiser in a timely manner if any ad is rejected, revoked, or removed, with our reason. Additionally, the location of ad placements on will be decided solely by us.
  • We do not endorse any product or service.
  • Although product ads may be displayed on our website, they are not an endorsement of the advertised product or service.
  • We don’t accept any advertisement that is factually incorrect or (based on our judgement) in poor taste. Advertising for pharmaceutical products is only allowed for approved indications as defined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Advertised products or services must be currently available and accessible for purchase on the market.
  • Rock Hard Male will not allow any ad for objectionable, illegal, or harmful products or services to be placed at any time. Advertisements should not be fraudulent, misleading, or offensive. Advertisements must not relate to alcohol, firearms or ammunition, gambling, fireworks, pornography or tobacco, nor the simulation of news or emergency.
  • Advertisers must be clearly identified on all ads. Advertisements that could be misinterpreted as editorial content will be clearly be marked as being an ad.
  • Advertisements and editorial content are clearly distinguished at Every ad on is clearly and distinctly identified, typically under the terms “advertisement” or “ad”.