HGH And Penis Enlargement

HGH is known for causing major growth during puberty, and for it’s muscle-building and healing properties in adults. But can human growth hormone actually increase penis size?

Can HGH Make Your Dick Bigger?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone naturally produced by the body that stimulates growth and cell reproduction. It plays an important role in many bodily functions, including sleep, digestion and metabolism.

For years, there has been speculation that HGH can be used to increase penile size or enhance sexual function. This article will explore the evidence for and against this claim as well as potential side effects associated with taking large amounts of HGH.

We’ll also look at recommendations for further research into how HGH might influence these aspects of health. Hopefully, the information presented here will help you to gain insight into the risks versus rewards associated with using HGH for penis enlargement or increased sexual performance.

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What Factors Affect Penile Growth?

What influences penile growth? The size of your penis is largely predetermined by your genetics. However, both internal and external elements can have a considerable effect on penis size, including hormones and nutrition,


While the male fetus is still developing, testosterone has a direct influence on the growth of the penis. In fact, testosterone begins to trigger the growth of the penis from the 8th week of gestation.

Growth hormone also plays a major role in the fetal development of the penis. Even if the fetus is exposed to normal testosterone levels but insufficient amounts of GH, then the child can be born with a micropenis.

Continuing into childhood and adolescence, the growth of the penis follows the overall growth of body and testosterone levels remain low. However, as puberty begins, both testosterone and GH levels rise.

This results in a growth spurt that includes the swift increase in the size of the penis. After puberty, men will typically reach their final size, and the penis will no longer continue to grow.


Nutrition is another factor that plays a key role in the growth of the penis during this time. Poor nutrition during childhood and adolescence can hinder the development of the entire body, including the penis.

Additionally, a lack of dietary fats in the diet of adolescents can impede the normal production of testosterone during puberty. A childhood diet that is deficient in dietary fats can result in hampered penile growth.

Conversely, adolescents who are obese during puberty tend to produce less testosterone and may end up with a final penis size that is about 10% smaller compared to their peers. (3)

HGH Effects On Penis Size

Most research dealing with HGH and penis size involved boys who had micropenis due to a growth hormone deficiency. In these cases GH treatments were shown to be effective at increasing penis size.

For example, one study showed that boys with micropenis who  received long-term HGH therapy were able to successfully achieve a normal penis size by adulthood.

However, studies examining the effectiveness of HGH in increasing adult penile size or enhancing sexual function have yielded mixed results. Some studies suggest that it may be beneficial for those with certain growth-related medical conditions, while others suggest there is no evidence to support its use for these purposes.

One study found that administering a high dose of HGH over an extended period of time resulted in increased penile length and girth. However, this was only observed in men whose baseline hormone levels were low before taking the supplement. (1)

Another study showed improved erectile function when using HGH as compared to placebo; however, this benefit did not continue after the treatment ended. (2)

It’s important to note that most studies examining the effects of HGH on penis size or sexual performance involve small sample sizes and varying doses of HGH. Therefore, further research is needed to better understand how it affects individuals differently over long periods of time.

Of course, in addition to the potential benefits associated with taking large amounts of HGH, there are also some associated risks. These include joint pain and fluid retention due to elevated levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the body. This can happen because an excess production of hormones (such as testosterone and estradiol) can occur when taking too much HGH at once.

Other side effects can include headaches, nausea, depression and anxiety. Other, more serious complications can occur if taken incorrectly or without appropriate monitoring from your doctor, such as heart palpitations or liver damage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is some evidence that HGH may be beneficial for increasing penile size and enhancing sexual function. However, most studies examining the effects of HGH involve small sample sizes and varying doses. Therefore, further research is needed to better understand how it affects individuals differently over long periods of time.

Furthermore, taking large amounts of HGH comes with potential risks, such as joint pain and fluid retention. It can also result in more serious side effects if taken incorrectly or without appropriate monitoring from your doctor.

Additional research is needed to assess the long-term impacts of using HGH for penis enlargement or increased sexual performance before making any definitive conclusions about its safety or efficacy in these areas. You should weigh all associated risks versus rewards before deciding whether or not to take human growth hormone supplements or injections.

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